Experience the Upper Belvedere, an unforgettable location with a spectacular view overlooking the inner city. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Belvedere is a place where you can revel in eight hundred years of art history.

© Ian Ehm, Belvedere, Wien

© Margherita Spiluttini

© Fotomanufaktur Grünwald

Marble Hall Once Prince Eugene’s banquet hall, the Marble Hall offers a breathtaking backdrop for exclusive events. This was also where the Aus- trian State Treaty was signed in 1955.

Sala terrena The magnificent Baroque staterooms of the Upper Belvedere leave a lasting impression. The Sala terrena, resplendent in white, pro- vides an elegant setting for all manner of events.

© Ouriel Morgensztern

© Fotomanufaktur Grünwald

Events The Baroque staterooms of the Upper Belvedere provide a festive setting for celebrations and dinners. Be inspired

by the opulence of

bygone centuries.

Grand Staircase From the Sala terrena, the Grand Staircase leads directly to the famous Marble Hall.

© Belvedere, Wien